Study on the spatial – temporal distribution of atmospheric water content with the combined use of satellite remote sensing and non-linear science  
Project Team


The Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) is one of the largest research centers in Greece with well - organized facilities and highly qualified personnel. One of the FORTH's institutes is the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics (IACM). Its mission is to conduct basic and applied research in the general area of Applied and Computational Mathematics. It has good computing facilities and a wide range of research activities. The Regional Analysis Division is the largest of the five divisions of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics. Regional Analysis Division is a multidisciplinary group focusing on the development of tools and methodologies for handling spatial problems and datasets that can be used in regional, urban and environmental planning. The emphasis of the work out carried in Regional Analysis Division is on the development of tools and methods aimed to assist regional, urban and environmental planning. The division concentrates on the application of techniques from the fields of geography, applied informatics, remote sensing, statistics, mathematics, operations research,city planning and economics to develop information and decision support systems that can be used by both the public and private sectors. Satellite remote sensing methods and techniques are used for data capture and the study of many environmental problems and phenomena. Earth Observation data from new satellite sensors providing images of Very High Spatial Resolution are used for urban applications. More information about the Division can be found here.

Coordinator of the project PRECIPITABLE WATER is Dr. Nektarios Chrysoulakis and you can find the contact information here.



Infocharta Ltd is a high technology company specializing in the development of digital maps and geographic information based applications. The company was founded in Athens but the Research and Development facilities are located in the Technology Park of Crete in Heraklion. The primary products of the company are digital street maps for the Urban areas in Greece. The digital maps cover the complete road network and contain information on street names, types, address ranges, permitted vehicle directions etc. the maps are continuously updated and can be used for a variety of business and planning applications. More information about the InfoCharta can be found here.



CUIT is supported and administered by both Sichuan Province & China Meteorological Administration together. It is composed of three campuses, i.e., the main campus, Ren Nan campus and Longquan campus. It has 600 full-time faculty members, with 50% professors and associate professors. It is now possessed of thirteen departments including Electronic Technology, Computer Science & Technology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Computing Science, Optoelectronics, E-commerce, English, Social Sciences, Information Statistics, Business Administration, Literature & Law, Economic Relations & Trade, and Accounting; four colleges, i.e., Software Engineering College, Yinxing International Hospitality Management College, International Economics College, and Network Commerce College, with 18,000 students. The research centers & facilities in CUIT include Institute for Information Science & Technology, Institute for Information & Telecommunications, Institute for Modern Communication Engineering, Institute for Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Institute for Digital Signal Processing, Institute for New Technologies, Institute for Space Information & Nonlinear Science/Atmospheric Radiation & Satellite Remote Sensing Lab (ISINS/ARSRSL), and Lab for Atmospheric Science, Lab for Environmental Science & Engineering, Lab for Distributed Software, Lab for Optoelectronics, Lab for Mathematical Models & Algorithms, Lab for Basic Electronics, Lab for Telecommunication Principles, Lab for Very Small Aperture Terminal, Lab for Network Engineering, Lab for Physics, Lab for Weather Forecasting, Lab for Computer skills, Lab for E-business Management, etc. Research areas emphasize specially the studies on information science and technology.