Study on the spatial – temporal distribution of atmospheric water content with the combined use of satellite remote sensing and non-linear science  


Sensors Description

FORTH Sattelite Receiving Station

FORTH/IACM ground receiving station is a RPT/CHRPT/SeaWiFS Dartcom system. It carries a 1.2m antenna which is a prime focus aluminium parabolic dish with an F/D ratio of 0.38 and a gain of 24.6dBi.This enables a G/T of better than 3.0dBK at 5° to be achieved.

The 1.2m antenna allows continuous tracking of the satellite with no cone of silence and a bit error rate of better than I:106from3.5° elevation.

The rotator is a compact unit with a separate housing for the power supply and control electronics. Image data is transferred to the host computer via a 12Mbit/s USB connection. GPS data is transferred via RS232 and rotator control data via RS422.

The location of the station is: Lat. 35.304° N, Long. 25.074° E, Elevation 93 m. The measured parameter is the electromagneting radiation (reflected or emitted) recorded by the satellite sensors which provide data to our system.

More information about FORTH Satellite Receining Station can be found here.